Kepitenochan was a city on the planet of Kashyyyk, which housed a structure known as Government Tree.


Kepitenochan was a city on the Wookiees' homeworld Kashyyyk. It sat on the forest floor,[1] whereas most Wookiee cities were placed up in the Wroshyr trees.[3] The city had a Command Center and a number of Prefab Shelters, along with military buildings. A Government Tree was constructed in the city.[1]


Kepitenochan Government Tree

Han Solo and Chewbacca after rebuilding the Government Tree in Kepitenochan.

In 19 BBY Kepitenochan endured a brutal attack during the Galactic Empire's subjugation of Kashyyyk, with it being known that Incinerator stormtroopers were involved in the attack.[2]

Years later, during the early days of the New Republic, it was burned down by Moff Darcc in an attempt to reign in the Wookiees. Han Solo, his co-pilot the Wookiee Chewbacca, and Weebacca reoccupied the city with Wookiee slaves they had freed and rebuilt the Government Tree to serve as a rallying point. They endured attacks emanating from the Imperial's nearby River Base, but even as soon as construction started survivors started returning.[1]

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Kepitenochan was first mentioned in the strategy guide to the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. It appeared during a Chewbacca campaign mission. The mission and thus Kepitenochan was also included in the game's 2002 expansion pack, Clone Campaigns.



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