"You and your crew really came through for me. I don't forget friends like that."
―Belab, to one of the Spectres[src]

Keri Belab was a female Human from Lothal. Approximately five years before the Battle of Yavin, she became a target of the Galactic Empire's stormtroopers. However, the rebel cell led by Kanan Jarrus managed to rescue Belab, and gave her refuge in the Haven, a secret rebel hideout created to house defenseless citizens of Lothal.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"No gear, no jobs. No jobs, no credits to buy gear. It's that simple."
―Belab, to one of the Spectres[src]

Before being granted renewed hope by the Spectress, Belab lamented the vicious cycle of economic despair faced by Lothal's working populace, in the wake of the Empire's arrival.[1]