Kern was a male bounty hunter living during the Galactic War. Having witnessed eight killings and over fifty assaults by the pair of the Wookiee smuggler Jakarro and his droid partner C2-D4, Kern became determined to stop the long-lived pair from wreaking havoc across the galaxy, pursuing them for a significant period of time. He set them up to deliver a crate of glitterstim spice to his associate Depu, with an ambush set up atthe delivery site. However, the ambush failed with four people, including Depu, dead and seventeen more injured. Desperate, Kern turned to a renowned bounty hunter droid BH-7X for assistance. However, the free-thinking droid decided that a more profitable venture would be to collect the bounty on Kern himself for transporting glitterstim. After a prolonged conversation, BH-7X apprehended Kern with the use of carbonite.


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