This article is about the younger Kerred Santhe. You may be looking for his father.
"He's millions in debt. He hasn't stopped drinking and gambling since his father was assassinated."
―A Shi'ido gambler, on Santhe[src]

Kerred Santhe the Second was a male Human who was the son of Kerred Santhe, the Chief Executive Officer of Santhe/Sienar Technologies. Following his father's death at the hands of the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis, the younger Santhe inherited ownership of Santhe/Sienar and became the corporation's new CEO, and he embarked on a life of drinking and gambling. He racked up debts of several million credits to the criminal organization Black Sun and various other lenders, and Black Sun threatened to publicize Santhe's predicament if he did not pay back the money that he owed them. Santhe feared that such a scandal would persuade the board of Santhe/Sienar to fire him and appoint his rival Narro Sienar as the corporation's new CEO, so he enlisted the help of a certain Force-sensitive Shi'ido gamber, who earned large amounts of gambling winnings and paid them into Santhe's bank account. However, Plagueis eventually learned of the Shi'ido's activities and put a stop to them, and Sienar eventually succeeded Santhe as CEO.


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