Kerse was a male Sith captain in the Imperial army who was in command of a squad of elite special forces Sith troopers that was in the service of the Sith Lord Darth Malgus. Under the command of Malgus, Kerse fought many battles with his men during the Great Galactic War, until the Sacking of Coruscant. He, alongside Commander Jard, was one of the most trusted men in Malgus's service. Kerse and his squad were assigned to guard Eleena Daru during her time at an Imperial-controlled spaceport on Coruscant. When Kerse let her out of his sight, he was confronted by Malgus, who nearly killed him out of anger. Malgus restrained himself, though, and Kerse and his squad accompanied Malgus to the landing bay was Eleena resided. During Malgus's duel with Aryn Leneer, Kerse and his men were locked out of the landing bay by Malgus.

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