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The Kessel Station Holding Cells were six Type 2 Cargo Facilities used as prisons at Kessel.


The six Kessel Station Holding Cells were all parts of the massive Kessel Station, a prison found within the orbit of the infamous Imperial prison world of Kessel. Kessel Station managed inmate records while the holding cells held actual prisoners. There were three cells on each side of the Station, and they were stacked on top of one another.


During the year 4 ABY, and shortly before the decisive Battle of Endor, Antan Azzameen of the Azzameen family mustered his surviving family members to conduct a rescue mission at the facility. Antan told his nephews Ace and Emon, as well as his niece Aeron that their dead father Tomaas and brother Galin were still alive. They had been lost during an ambush by Imperial authorities at the Rebel Hospital many months before, but Antan claimed that they were captured and sent to Kessel as prisoners. He then led his whole family to Kessel Station to rescue their father and brother. Although the Azzameens do not dock with the Holding Cells or bother to search them, the six facilities were seen during the rescue. However, the rescue mission turned out to be an elaborate ruse set up by Antan to hand over his family to the Imperial authorities. Antan then fled on his personal vessel Big Score.

Antan's family was able to escape with the help of family friend and cargo dealer Dunari.



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