Ket Durgo was the male Human head of security of the Galactic Museum's archives in CoCo Town on the planet Coruscant at some point during the Rise of the Empire era. During his employment as head of security he at some point gained intelligence from several of his underworld sources that a gang called the Blank Look Gang were planning to steal something from the archives. Durgo approached a number of law abiding spacers and unofficially paid them to simply hang around the district near the archives as he didn't want to look like he was hiring mercenaries. The spacers successfully stopped the theft although the objects taken, a collection of antique Twi'lek pots was likely destroyed in the criminals attempt to escape.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ket Durgo was a character in the saga edition Star Wars Roleplaying Game mini-adventure Art For Art's Sake and so the above biography assumes the adventure is completed as suggested in the article. He was created as a starting point for the adventure if the players have a lawful and helpful reputation the alternative being a rival gang, The Lost Ones hire the players to stop the blankers.