The Kete Hive was a large structure on the forest moon of Endor that was the home of the Ketes. As well as a living area, the hive was a storehouse and factory for producing and storing Kete nectar, a valuable juice produced by the Keets. The Kete Hive was distinguishable by its tall and skinny shape and its one visible entrance which sat atop the height of the structure.

The hive was very smooth on the outside, and climbing it was near impossible. To enter the hive, the Ketes would walk straight up the side, using their sticky feet to station themselves as they ascended. As a type of protection against intruders, the hive was surrounded by a sticky bog which ensnared potential trespassers. During the stranglethorn crisis, the hive was the site of a small event in which the two Ewoks, Wicket Wystri Warrick and Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka infiltrated the hive in hopes of obtaining a nectar pearl which contained the Kete nectar.