The Kete Queen was the leader of the Kete Hive on the forest moon of Endor. As the Queen, she was the largest of the Ketes, appearing to be more than twice the size of a normal Kete worker. The Queen regulated the harvest of Kete nectar, a sweet juice that was prized for its use in Ewok potions. However, the Kete Queen did not give up the nectar willingly, and she led her people in protecting the Kete's supply of nectar pearls which served as carrying devices for the Kete nectar.

During the stranglethorn crisis, the young Ewoks, Wicket Wystri Warrick and Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka arrived at the Kete Hive in hopes of obtaining some of the Kete nectar for use in an antidote to the plant growth formula which had allowed a stranglethorn to take over their village. The Kete Queen was not amused with their intrusion, and she decided to attack the two Ewoks. Unfortunately for the Ketes, the two Ewoks were able to escape the area and gain access to the nectar pearl storage area. However, a Kete warrior was able to trap the two Ewoks in the room by rolling a boulder in front of the entrance.

After the triumphant Kete reported his success to the Queen, she made her way to the blocked entrance with the rest of the hive and ordered that several ketes move the boulder aside. As the ketes began to move the boulder, the Queen and her subjects were suddenly bombarded by a barrage of nectar pearls that came barreling out of the storeroom. The two Ewoks had inadvertently knocked over the pile of pearls, causing the entire supply—and they with it—to fly out of the room. In the confusion, the queen was knocked on her back and the two Ewoks fled safely out of the hive with several nectar pearls in tow.

The Kete Queen and several of her servants ran to the entrance just in time to see the two Ewoks immersed in a sticky bog that surrounded the hive. In their hasty retreat from the Ketes, the two Ewoks had landed directly into the goo surrounding the Kete's home. As the Ewoks struggled to release themselves from the bog, the Queen was stricken with laughter at their plight and decided not to pursue them any longer, allowing them to leave safely with a nectar pearl.