The Keto family was a family of royal blood from the planet Empress Teta. Many of their members were proficient in the Force. Aleema and Satal Keto founded the Krath, which would later be resurrected by their descendant Sebban Keto millennia later.


During the Great Hyperspace WarEdit

During the Great Sith WarEdit

During the Clone WarsEdit

During the Galactic Civil WarEdit

Family treeEdit

                   Teta--+--Unknown male
                (A millennium later)
                         |                                                            |
                     +--------+                                                       |
                     |        |                                                       |
Unknown female--+--Keto  Magda Keto--+--Unknown male                                  |
                |                    |                                                |
           Satal Keto           Aleema Keto                                           |
                |                                                                     |
                |                                                                     |
        (4,000 years later)                                                  (3,900 years later)
                |                                                                     |
                |                                                                     |
                |                                                                     |
          Sebban Keto                                                    Koyi Mateil--+--Teta



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