"We aren’t barons or anything, but we have our family holdings, investments on Ma’ar Shaddam and Rseik proper, and a retreat on Z’trop we always swear we’ll get to more often than we do."
―Firmus Kett mentions the retreat in his memoirs[src]

A family retreat on the planet Z'trop was owned by the Kett family, owners of Kett Shipping. Firmus Kett, a captain in the Trade Defense Force of the Trade Federation, mentioned the retreat in his memoirs, where he claimed the family never spent as much time in the retreat as they meant to. Kett attributed the families retreat, as well as their other holdings, to the Trade Federation.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Kett family retreat was supposed to be first mentioned in The Essential Guide to Warfare, a sourcebook released in 2012 written by Jason Fry and Paul R. Urquhart, but they were ultimately cut from the final product. The section including the grounds was later published as part of Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare Author's Cut, a series of articles published on the blog starting in 2013.


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