Kettch's Drill was a starfighter maneuver designed by Commander Wedge Antilles and executed by the Hawk-Bats during the Battle of Kuat in 7 ABY. The maneuver was jokingly named after Lieutenant Kettch, an Ewok doll that masqueraded as a functioning member of the Hawk-Bats. In order to perpetuate his disguise as a Hawk-Bat pirate, Antilles was forced to strap the doll onto the front of his pilot suit to ensure that any ships coming close enough to view into the cockpit of his TIE/IN interceptor would truly believe an Ewok was behind the stick.

The tactic called for the Hawk-Bats, at the initial engagement of enemy fighters during the battle, to attack each squadron wave head-on, rather than breaking off after the initial wave passed to dogfight with the first squadron. Expecting a much greater number of enemy fighters, the group of Hawk-Bats only had to engage the three squadrons of TIEs deployed by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Mauler in this manner, only half of the warship's potential starfighter complement. The plan was abandoned before a fourth and final wave descended upon them.

The plan worked perfectly. The Hawk-Bats were able to eliminate a number of enemy fighters before entering the dogfight. Additionally, they kept the Mauler's squadrons away from Warlord Zsinj's forces.