"He was a good man. May the Force be with him, wherever he is."
―Airen Cracken on Startron[src]

Kevas Startron was a smuggler, the owner of the ship New Cov Quasar and a collaborator of Sapphire and Airen Cracken.


Kevas Startron was a smuggler. At some point, Startron worked along with Airen Cracken in Contruum, during the days of the Contruum resistance. Cracken respected Startron as a good man.

At some point circa 5 BBY, Startron wanted to retire, but decided to have one last run with his ship. Understanding that his health was not good, Startron recruited Sapphire, a young smuggler woman with whom he was friends. Startron's health state then declined quickly and Sapphire was forced to pilot the ship on her own under challenging circumstances. Sapphire refused to take credit for her deeds, and instead people believed Startron was still in good shape. Grateful for her performance, Startron gave the Quasar to Sapphire as a gift; she renamed the ship Sapphire's Gem. Startron then disappeared from the public eye, and even Airen Cracken's Intelligence resources could not keep track of him.


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