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"You still holding a grudge?"
"You still breathing?"
Meetra Surik and Kex[src]

Kex was a male Mandalorian warrior who worked as a quartermaster of the Mandalorian camp on Dxun after the Jedi Civil War. Prior to joining the camp, he was found by Mandalore the Preserver while working as muscle for Hutts on Nar Shaddaa. Though he sold and bought items to and from Meetra Surik, he had an extreme dislike toward the Jedi, partly because Surik was a Jedi and an outsider and partially because he had lost to Surik in the Battle Circle. He was part of Mandalore's strike force during the Battle of Telos IV, where Darth Nihilus was killed and the Ravager destroyed.

Behind the scenesEdit

As Kex challenged Surik, the player is allowed to choose the terms for engagement: either unarmed, swords, or use of their Force powers and lightsaber.


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