"Truth is never treason."
―Khalee Lah[src]

A well-known Yuuzhan Vong warrior, Khalee Lah was the son of Warmaster Tsavong Lah and was the grandson of Czulkang Lah. He inherited Domain Lah's tendencies of skillful combat, bravery in battle, and devotion to Yun-Yammka.


Many among the Warrior caste believed that he would succeeded his father as Warmaster—something Khalee himself was firmly convinced of. While under the authority of Harrar—priest of the goddess Yun-Harla and a friend of his father—the warrior Lah helped spearhead the effort to capture and sacrifice the Solo twins Jacen and Jaina. Following Jaina's hasty escape from Myrkr aboard Nom Anor's personal ship, Ksstarr, Harrar and Lah tracked her to the world of Hapes. While on Hapes, the Solo girl found out how the Yuuzhan Vong track their ships, and how to confound that technique. By utilizing a small repulsor device created by Lowbacca, she was able to send up countless decoys, both to test her theory and to infuriate the Vong. After a great number of failures at Hapes, including allowing the Jedi to escape, Lah requested that Harrar kill him, a request Harrar agreed to.


Taller than the average Yuuzhan Vong, Khalee Lah was distinguished by the various spikes and horns which adorned his scarred body. Prominent among these was a short, thick horn that protruded from his forehead.



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