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Kharl Vanneb, hailing from Naboo, graduated at the top of his class from the Theed School of Technology and Engineering in his youth. He was sent to Ohma-D'un, where he was to serve as a Third Grade Assistant Technician.

Vanneb was a friendly, talkative man who enjoyed discussing ship engines and the maintenance of environmental systems. Kharl was a long-time friend of Sakme Kelene, also a Theed School of Technology and Engineering graduate, and the two had both applied for positions at the Gungan moon base on Ohma-D'un together.

Kharl and Sakme, along with Professor Hallem Celaar, were both aboard the Fair Gale, flown by Captain Worlohp and bound for the moon base on Ohma-D'un, when a collision with hull remnants from a Trade Federation vessel caused an unexpected Kyvalon-4 leak, creating mayhem onboard and necessitating the captain's subdual by a group of passengers.


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