"I am Khiss -- investment advisor to the stars!"

Khiss was Human investment advisor, who was present at the Circus Horrificus on Nar Shaddaa around 32 BBY.

Khiss and a client "who prefers to remain nameless" were on Nar Shaddaa to pursue new business opportunities. They were present at the Circus Horrificus show crashed by Mace Windu and Depa Billaba, two members of the Jedi Council, who had tracked illegally bred akk dogs to the Circus.

When the Jedi demanded that the crime boss Gargonn close down the operation, the Devaronian smuggler Vilmarh Grahrk bet that the Hutt's mutated akks would kill the Jedi masters in fifteen mili-cycles. Khiss accepted the wager on behalf of his client. After the Jedi survived the allotted time, Khiss demanded that Grahrk pay up and revealed his unnamed client as a very angry Sebulba, fresh from his victory at the Vinta Harvest Classic

The investment advisor and his Dug client were later seen, along with most of the spectators involved in the bet, chasing the hapless Grahrk out of the arena.

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