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Khlor's hideout was a volcanic atoll that was situated approximately one hundred kilometers north of Mount Hollow. The seven-kilometer long Kilharak Island was once a part of Velusian folklore, until it became choked with vegetation and its name all but forgotten. It was discovered by the bounty hunter Khlor, who turned it into a personal hideout and base of operations. Crisscrossed by several footpaths and riddled with snare trips, pitfalls, sensor trips, and stun mines, the island was stocked with poisonous organisms and deadly predators—including a lair of Mantessan panthacs lurking on the southern peak. On the northern peak lay a prefabricated military barracks, and nestled in a gully not far away sat a concealed landing pad, where Khlor would set down in his modified scout ship, the Predator. From time to time, Khlor would kidnap freelance mercenaries and set them loose on the island. Using Imperial Mark IV hovering security droids as a tracking aid, he would hunt down his quarry in a days-long chase across the island—all the better to keep his skills sharp between jobs.


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