Kholot were herbivores on the planet Ansion that favored grasses, grains, and leaves. Flat of face and covered in prickly olive-green fur, they lived in deep burrows. Despite their blunt snouts, kholot brandished wide, heavy-duty incisors designed to slice through large clumps of grass.

In 22 BBY, after fleeing from his malevolent Qulun camp pursuers, the small Gwurran Tooqui escaped down a burrow hole and encountered a family of kholot: two adults about the size of Tooqui himself, but without their cubs. As they snuffled and grunted around him, sniffing him up and down, Tooqui—his eyes shut tight—tried to imagined himself a piece of dorgum dung that had accidentally rolled down into their burrow. With a last disdainful sniff, the two kholot pushed past him and headed up the tunnel where one of them met an untimely demise at the hands of a Qulun pursuer. Biding his time, Tooqui emerged safely from the kholot burrow. He then went on to incite a lorqual stampede, by which he was able to rescue from the camp his Jedi ambassador-friends. They had come to Ansion to achieve an accord among the natives that would stave off the planet's secession from the Galactic Republic.


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