"Can I offer you gentlemen some refreshments? Most of our supplies are back on the ship, but I'm sure I could rustle up some Khormian brandy."
―Auric Graf offers Captain Korda and his men Khormian brandy[src]

Khormian brandy was a variety of brandy[2] from the planet Khorm.[1] During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Graf family of cartographers brought a bottle of Khormian brandy with them when they set up camp on a uncharted swamp planet in Wild Space which they temporarily nicknamed Graf-World. When the Imperial Navy Captain Visler Korda and a squad of stormtroopers met with them in the camp to discuss the acquisition of their maps of Wild Space, Auric Graf offered to find the brandy to share with the Imperials, as most of the family's other supplies were on their Mu-class shuttle, the Whisper Bird. Korda turned down the offer and then instead of paying for the maps, had his men capture Auric and his wife Rhyssa Graf so that they could be forced to serve the Empire.[2]

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Khormian brandy first appeared in the novel Adventures in Wild Space: The Escape, which was written by Cavan Scott and released in 2016.


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