"Now we raise the stakes and force our enemies to commit their elite. I've thus employed the Bane Brigade, the finest Imperial fighters of the last war."
―Khun Tazith.[src]

Khun Tazith was a Human male who served the Imperial Military of the Sith Empire during both the Great Galactic War and the Cold War. He was the found and the commander of the famed Bane Brigade. Later in his career, Tazith was promoted to the position of special attache to the Ministry of War.


Khun Tazith was a young man living in the Empire by the time of the Great Galactic War and became a soldier in the Sith army. Thanks to his notable abilities Tazith was chosen for promotion and created a new military unit, the Bane Brigade. Khun Tazith nurtured the men and women that served within the brigade during their operations against the Galactic Republic. He was also involved in planning their mission assignments and the unit became an elite force within the Imperial Military, led by Sith commanders into battle.

Amongst their achievements Khun Tazith saw them purge a Jedi Enclave on Genarius and set fire to the seas of Iskalon. These missions saw the Republic refer to the Bane Brigade as butchers and war criminals. Their campaigns saw the members of the Bane Brigade receive replacement limbs with Tazith sitting beside them during such moments. One of their missions saw the brigade deployed onto Rhen Var where they attacked a Jedi encampment and slaughtered its inhabitants. However, the unit lingered too long at the site which allowed the Republic Military to respond with an aerial strike that destroyed the entirety of the Bane Brigade. The Gran Shodarra who served in the Republic forces was noted to had witnessed the destruction of the Bane Brigade and believed that none could had survived the attack on them. Tazith was noted to had wept for the death of his men though the units men and women died as heroes to the Sith Empire.

During the Galactic War, Tazith was stationed as Special Advisor to the Minister of War at the command center in Drift Hills Imperial Outpost on the planet Hoth. At that time the Sith staged an assault to seemingly capture the planet and this saw the Republic mobilize to combat the Empire in order to retain control of Hoth. However, this was a ruse by the Sith Empire who intended to sap the Galactic Republic's resources on a worthless planet. To further ensure this goal, Khun Tazith started a secret project with the aid of an Imperial hero to make it appear that the Bane Brigade was alive and operating on Hoth. The operation was noted to had been such a success that Captain Graich of the Imperial military came to believe that the Brigade still live and would obliterate the Republic Army on Hoth.

The ultimate goal of Tazith's plan was to bring about the arrival of the Republic's elite forces that would had been redeployed to fight the phantom Bane Brigade. These enemy forces were intended to fight the suspected Brigade's operations in Clabburn Tundra, though in reality these were cannon fodder that were expendable. Once in place, the Republic attackers would had been killed when the Clabburn was brought down upon them. As such, the brutal strikes conducted by the Imperial hero succeeded in attracting their enemy's attention and their belief in the Bane Brigade's continued existence with projections of morale plummeting within the Republic forces. An intercepted Republic holocall saw General Uchang report that the Bane Brigade still lived though General Shodarra doubted this on the basis that he saw them die years ago. General Krepkit urged his comrades to investigate this finding as the Brigade destroyed his peoples capital in the past.

As a result, the operation was a success and the Empire determined that Republic Special Forces and members of the Jedi Order were dispatched as part of the elite response from the Galactic Republic. Thus, Tazith prepared for their arrival and his trap for them at Clabburn Tundra. With the Imperial's mission complete, Special Advisor Tazith congratulated the hero and stated that through them the myth of the Bane Brigade would live on.



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