The Khzrry family unit was once one of the most highly-respected Xi'Dec families. After the deaths of most of the family members, the two survivors joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


At some point during the early Galactic Civil War, most of the Khzrry family was vacationing aboard the resort liner Savage Pleasure. The forces of the Galactic Empire killed everyone on the liner in an attempt to assassinate Senator Mael Sidras, leaving K'lial Khzrry and its spouse Diskio as the only surviving Khzrrys.[1]

The pair began to travel the galaxy, claiming to be recruiting genetically advantaged beings for possible inclusion into the Khzrry family. In fact, K'lial and Diskio, having vowed to help bring down the Empire, were agents of Alliance Intelligence. They specialized in extracting Rebel personnel who had been captured by the authorities.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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