Ki-Ta Kren was a male Abyssin pirate who served as a taskmaster in the White Maw during the renewed war between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. He engaged a White Maw Trandoshan Reneget Vause in the Byss fight ritual called the Blooding, after which they became like blood brothers to each other. In 3642 BBY Ki-Ta Kren was stationed on Hoth, in charge of the White Maw's crashed dreadnaught Star of Coruscant that they used as a central base. He was approached by a bounty hunter, who sought to collect a Blacklist bounty on Vause, but needed to force him into confrontation. Ki-Ta Kren asked the Hunter to participate with him in the Blooding, so that he would have at least one brother left after the fight. After the ritual, he signalled Vause to go to the meeting place with the hunter. After Vause was defeated, Kren left the White Maw.


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