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Ki Sazen's Master was a male Jedi Master of the Jedi Order living during the Cold War. His Padawan Ki Sazen traveled to the planet Tas-La and killed the Spine Dragon of M'dweshuu, a creature ravaging the homeland of the planet's Nikto. Many Nikto swore a life debt to her out of gratitude, forming the Cult of Ki Sazen. Sazen's Master was concerned by the effect the cult's worship was having on her, and encouraged her to release them from their life-debt. Sazen, however, felt that he was holding her back because he questioned her capabilities and readiness to lead. Soon after, Sazen's master was faced with an unknown threat. Sazen had the opportunity to save him but, angry with him, allowed him to die.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ki Sazen's Master is mentioned in Star Wars: The Old Republic during the Imperial Agent class mission on Taris.


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