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"Hey, what's going on? Aaah--"
"I'm sorry, Ania"
―Ania being kidnapped by Ramid and his companions[src]

In 139 ABY, the junk dealer Ania Solo was kidnapped by her estranged lover Ramid, who was responding to a Galactic Federation Triumvirate bounty on her head for her alleged role in the murder of the Imperial Knight Teemen Alton. Ramid was then attacked by a mysterious bounty hunter who killed his crew and destroyed his starship. After crash-landing on an inhospitable planet, Ania and Ramid were forced to put aside their grievances in order to survive the bounty hunter. Meanwhile, Ania's companions the Imperial Knight Jao Assam, Sauk, and AG-37 embarked on a rescue mission which led them to the same planet.

Following a climatic showdown with the bounty hunter, Jao managed to kill the bounty hunter and rescued Ania. However, Ania was then arrested by a force of Trandoshan stormtroopers who extradited her back to Coruscant to face trial. Due to new evidence uncovered by the Imperial Knights Yalta Val and Jao which pointed to Ania's innocence, Ania was acquitted and released. However, Jao was arrested for deserting the Imperial Knights to hunt down the rogue Sith Darth Wredd.



"Ramid, why are you doing this? You know I didn't kill that Knight."
"I have no idea what you did, besides leaving me behind when you escaped the Sith labor camp."
"I thought you were dead!"
―Ania and Ramid discuss the events which led to kidnapping[src]
Ania meets AG-37

Ania escapes the Imperial labor camp

Towards the end of the Second Imperial Civil War, the junk dealer Ania Solo, a distant descendant of the smuggler Han Solo, was sent to an Sith labor camp on the planet Drash-so in the Selvatas system for murdering an unspecified individual.[1] Her lover Ramid was also in the camp. During her time on Drash-so, Ania Solo had to contend with a particular brutal female prison guard who sported a prosthetic hand and laser whip. At some point, Ania and Ramid staged an escape but were noticed by the guards. During the escape, Ramid was shot but Ania managed to break out the camp.[2] Believing that Ramid was dead, she fled to a nearby spaceport where she encountered the assassin droid AG-37, who had a freighter docking nearby. Ania used a blaster to force AG-37 to give her passage offworld.[3]

AG-37, remembering an earlier promise that he had made to Han Solo, took pity on Ania and gave her passage offworld. Due to this encounter, Ania and AG-37 became friends.[3] Ania later settled down at a junkyard on Carreras Minor's moon where she established a business. AG-37 would occasionally visit to obtain spareparts for himself and his freighter.[4] Unknown to Ania, Ramid had survived the shooting. He was tortured by the guards into divulging Ania's location. When they found no sign of Ania, the guards tortured him even more. Believing that Ania had abandoned him, Ramid developed a grudge towards Ania. Following the defeat of the One Sith, Fel Empire forces liberated the labor camp and freed Ramid and other prisoners.[2]

Unknown to everyone, Ania's former prison guard assumed her identity prior to the liberation and subsequently walked out a free woman. She then encountered an Imperial Knight named Teemen Alton, whom she killed. Due to her stolen identity, the new Galactic Federation Triumvirate authorities wrongly believed that Ania Solo had killed Alton. Following that incident, the former prison guard assumed the persona of a bounty hunter and even obtained a TIE bomber as her personal transport.[1] In 139 ABY, the Triumvirate, following a boost in popularity due to the liberation of the Mon Calamari Shipyards, embarked on a campaign to hunt down war criminals from the Second Imperial Civil War. Ania was included on the list of these war criminals due to her alleged role in Alton's murder.[5]

Kidnapping at Lasgo PortEdit

Jao Assam: "What is... Ania, what have you done?"
Sauk: "Wanted: Ania Solo..."
Ania Solo: "For the murder of an...Imperial Knight?"
―Jao, Sauk, and Ania reacting to revelations of the latter's alleged crime[src]
Ramid and his crew

Ania's kidnappers, her former flame Ramid and his crew

While visiting the spaceport city of Lasgo Port, Ania Solo and her companions Jao Assam, Sauk, and AG-37 discovered that she was wanted for the alleged murder of Teemen Alton. When confronted by Jao, Ania was defensive and reluctant to divulge her past to him or her other companions. Shortly later, AG-37's freighter encountered Ramid's ship, whose net isolator had allegedly been damaged by the star system's minefield. However, this was a merely subterfuge to lure Ania aboard Ramid's ship. Once she had been separated from her companions, Ramid latched his starship free from AG-37's freighter and made a cold jump into hyperspace. They also fired on AG-37's freighter in an attempt to delay or prevent any rescue attempt.[6]

Due to their cold hyperspace jump, Ramid's ship consumed a large amount of fuel and was forced to stop at an unknown system whose fourth planet rained glass and acid. During the journey, Ania managed to break out of her cell during a mealtime break and overpower Ramid's Nikto crew member. However, she was then disarmed by Ramid's Twi'lek pilot who handed her back to Ramid. Ramid then led her back to her cell. On the way, he revealed that he had kidnapped her in order to collect the Triumvirate bounty on her head. Ramid justified his actions by citing his grievance towards Ania for "betraying" him on Drash-so.[3]

As Ramid's ship approach the orbit of the "glass rain" planet, they came under attack from a TIE bomber that was piloted by the former prison guard–turned–bounty hunter. During the pursuit, Ramid's Twi'lek pilot was killed and he was forced to enlist Ania's services as a pilot. With much difficulty, Ania managed to land the vessel on the "glass rain" planet's barren surface. During the forced landing, Ramid's Nikto crew member was killed while Ramid sustained a head injury and was knocked unconscious. Ania survived unscathed but was forced to contend with the bounty hunter who had landed her TIE bomber nearby. The bounty hunter demanded that Ania surrender herself or she would destroy Ramid's starship and everything inside.[3]


"Thanks for the help but --"
"Shut up and get on the bike before she [the bounty hunter] comes to! I'm the best option you have."
―Ania and Ramid reconciling[src]
Unidentifed masked bounty hunter

Ania's nemesis from her past: the former prison guard–turned–bounty hunter

After sending a medical droid to treat Ramid's injuries, Ania exited the starship and launched an attack on the bounty hunter. She managed to knock her pursuer out with her blaster rifle. Ania then fled into the wilderness and stumbled upon a ruined temple. She fell down a loose cliff into a valley populated by giant beetles. Before she could be crushed or eaten alive, Ania was rescued by the bounty hunter who lassoed her laser whip around Ania's hand, dragging her up. The bounty hunter then took her prisoner and marched her to her TIE bomber. During the journey, Ania tried to claim her innocence and took the opportunity to annoy her captor. At the eleventh hour, Ramid resurfaced on a speeder bike and knocked out the bounty hunter. While Ania was reluctant to trust Ramid, he convinced her to follow him by telling Ania that he was the best option that she had on this planet.[5]

Meanwhile, Ania's companions deliberated their next move. While Jao was skeptical of her innocence, Sauk and AG-37 vouched for Ania's character. Sauk pointed out that Ania had helped him obtain shelter and a job when he was stranded in the Carreras system. Meanwhile, AG-37 related his historic encounter with Ania's ancestor Han Solo and his first meeting with her in the Selvatas system.[3] Following a lengthy discussion, Ania's companions decided to rescue her in order to ascertain the truth.[5] Meanwhile on Coruscant, the Imperial Knight Yalta Val was suspicious of Ania's guilt since she had saved him during the Carreras Incident from the rogue Sith Darth Wredd.[3] After raising his concerns with his superiors Antares Draco and Empress Marasiah Fel and failing to sway their opinion, Val decided to conduct his own investigation. While examining files relating to the Civil War, he discovered that Alton's real killer had a prosthetic hand. By contrast, Ania was fully biological.[2]

Back on the "glass rain" planet, Jao, Sauk, and AG-37 stumbled across Ramid's wrecked starship but found no sign of Ania or Ramid. Due to a rain storm, Jao and Sauk were forced to wait aboard AG-37's freighter. Due to his mechanical body, AG-37 alone was able to withstand the harsh feather and went out to scout the nearby area for any sign of Ania. Jao and Sauk also received a hologram transmission from Master Val confirming Ania's innocence. Meanwhile, Ania and Ramid reconciled their differences and forgave each other while sheltering under a glass–eating giant beetle. After the storm had subsided, they made their way to the planet's sole settlement in order to get transportation offworld. AG-37 saw Ania and Ramid with his binoculars and relayed their coordinates to his companions.[2]

Confronting the pastEdit

"CLosed or not, the truth is what you're here, right? I took this artificial hand from a woman was trying to attach it to Ania... to make Solo pay for a crime she didn't commit!"
―Jao Assam springing to Ania's defense[src]
Jao in court

Jao clears Ania's name

Upon arriving at the settlement, Ania and Ramid discovered that the mysterious bounty hunter had already arrived first and killed all the inhabitants. The bounty hunter then ambushed Ania and held her in a neck-lock with her laser whip. However, Ramid arrived on the scene and fought off the bounty hunter. The bounty hunter gained the advantage and killed him by breaking her neck. Before the bounty hunter could deal with Ania, Jao arrived with his lightsaber and attacked her. Ania took advantage of the distraction to escape outdoors only to stumble into an acid storm.[2] Fortunately, AG-37 came to Ania's rescue. At a great cost to himself, he carried her into a cave. Due to the damage sustained to his internal systems sustained by the acid storm, AG-37 convinced Ania to shut him down in order to save his memory banks.[1]

Shortly later, Ania was recaptured by the bounty hunter, who thought she had killed Jao in a thermal detonator explosion. The bounty hunter then revealed her true identity and that she was motivated by a desire to get revenge for Ania's escape from the labor camp. As revenge, she intended to frame Ania for the murder of Teemen Alton by amputating her left hand and reattaching her prosthetic hand to it. Before she could carry out the deed, Jao resurfaced again and attacked the bounty hunter. During the struggle, Jao managed to sever her prosthetic hand. In the end, Ania managed to kill her former tormentor by using her remote to summon her TIE bomber to crush her to death. Despite the defeat of the bounty hunter, Ania's troubles were not yet over. She was arrested by a squad of Trandoshan stormtroopers who extradited her to Coruscant to face trial for her alleged role in the murder of Teemen Alton.[1]

Upon arriving in Coruscant, Ania was brought before a Triumvirate tribunal consisting of the Imperial Knights' leader Antares Draco, a Sullustan Galactic Federation of Free Alliances official, and a Jedi. Ania was ably represented by Master Yalta Val who challenged the Triumvirate's case against Ania by pointing out that the real killer had a prosthetic hand. Ania was aided by Jao Assam, who presented the bounty hunter's severed prosthetic hand and informed the tribunal that the bounty hunter was Alton's real murderer and that she had tried to frame Ania. Due to this compelling evidence, the tribunal was forced to acquit Ania, who was released and rejoined her friends Sauk, AG-37, and Jao's Imperial communications droid. However, this good news was overshadowed by Jao's arrest on desertion charges, which carried the death penalty in the Imperial Knights order. This set the stage for the final chapter of Darth Wredd's insurgency against both the Sith and the Triumvirate.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Kidnapping of Ania Solo serves as the main conflict of Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman's Star Wars: Legacy Volume 3—Wanted: Ania Solo, the third story arc of Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 comic series, the sequel to Dark Horse Comics' popular Star Wars: Legacy comic series. The events and characters of this conflict were drawn by Gabriel Hardman and colored by Jordan Boyd.


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