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"Very recently, our Boss was taken prisoner by one of the bombad evil tribes"
―A Gungan villager to Gallo[src]

During a war between the tribes of the Gungan species on the planet Naboo[1] in the year 3000 BBY[2] Boss Hoxie of the city Otoh Raban was kidnapped by the forces of the warlord Boss Rogoe. In the course of the war Rogoe had become the manipulator of it, and he had his army use several different tactics against the Gungan tribes to keep them fighting one another so he would remain in power. To force Otoh Raban into continued warfare, Rogoe's minions abducted Boss Hoxie and placed him in a prison camp north of the city, leaving it leaderless and forcing its citizens to remain in the war until he was rescued. After the kidnapping one of Otoh Raban's residents told Gallo, a Gungan uniting the tribes against Rogoe, about it. To gain Otoh Raban's alleigance for his cause Gallo led his small army into the prison camp and freed Hoxie.[1]

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Boss Hoxie's kidnapping was indirectly mentioned in the 2001 PC video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its 2002 expansion.


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