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"There are organs known as 'kidneys,' [...] One on either side of the lower back, just above the hips. A strike there causes considerable anguish, often so severe that the victim is unable to cry out."
Nom Anor to Shimmra[src]

Kidneys were organs located near the lower back on Humans.[1] Although naturally having both a left and right kidney,[2][3] Humans could survive with only one.[1] Kidneys could be transplanted[4] and even cloned[5] if needed.

Diffrent species can have a diffrent number of kidneys. For example members of the Yarkora species have four kidneys.

Hitting a person in the kidneys caused extreme—often disabling—pain for the victim.[1] Older Humans often suffered from Zithrom's Disease, which resulted in shrunken kidneys, among other symptoms.[6]

Kidney stones could accumulate within the kidneys and be passed from the body.[7]

Yuuzhan Vong typically lacked kidneys.



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