"Without help, our deaths are a certainty. Anything is better."

Kieral was a Human male lieutenant of the Galactic Republic during the Galactic War. In 3642 BBY he was commanding Republic Outpost Senth on Hoth, which was constantly besieged by pirates of the Hailstorm Brotherhood. They posed such a threat to men under his command, that Kieral had no choice but to seek help from the very enemy he was supposed to fight. In secrecy from his superiors, he arranged for meeting with Captain Biron of the Sith Empire, whose men were suffering from the same problem. Putting their issues aside, the officers focused on surviving at all, which meant taking out the Brotherhood. They began by setting an ambush and asking a Republic citizen to serve as bait, firing a signal flare and attacking the Brotherhood so that Imperials could round them in. Once the pirates' numbers were diminished, they planned a strike at the heart of the Brotherhood - an assault on the Chilling Death Spire. The main target was Brotherhood's spiritual leader Sav, known to survive several extreme situations in Hoth's cold weather. The assault force consisted of three teams: Sergeant Katcho's men from Republic side, Sergeant Ennlicher's squad from Imperial side and a gifted Republic citizen leading the assault. After Sav was cornered and killed, Kieral congratulated Biron on the joint operation and gave him and his men 24 hours to safely return to their own outpost, while directing the Republic citizen to Admiral Revald at the Starship Graveyard.



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