Kiimo was a female Rodian who worked as a bounty hunter during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


During the time of the Clone Wars, Kiimo and the bounty hunters Dee'Hars, Kelyan and Clargod traveled to the city Gadrin on the planet Cularin, planning to capture Mattenic and Kerkum, two former lieutenants of the Oblee crime lord Nirama. Clargod and the rest of the team claimed to be in the employ of the Office of Peace and Security, a law enforcement body that had placed a bounty on Mattenic and Kerkum. However, they were also working for the Hutt Riboga, who had recently seized control of crime in the Cularin system from Nirama, and the bounty hunters planned to get paid twice for capturing the pair. However, the Heroes of Cularin were also looking for Mattenic and Kerkum, and they prevented Clargod and the other bounty hunters from capturing the pair.[1]

A short time afterward, the Heroes of Cularin destroyed Riboga's spice mining operation on the planet Kemix,[2] so the Hutt hired Kiimo, Clargod, Dee'Hars, and Kelyan to bring the heroes into a state of despair, and then kill them. The bounty hunters placed explosives aboard a starship that the heroes were traveling on and then detonated the devices, bringing the heroes' craft out of hyperspace and causing it to crash on the planet Holador. The bounty hunters then landed on the world and assembled a mock-up of a starship to distract the heroes, and Kiimo laid in wait for them beneath it. When the heroes approached the fake starship, Kiimo detonated some explosives to try and take then out. However, the heroes survived her trap and subsequently defeated her in combat[3]


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