Kilia IV was the homeworld of Kilian Rangers and Kilian Banthas.

Kilia IV, the only planet suitable for habitation in the Kilia system, was a rugged, mountainous world, with inhospitable badlands and one lush valley, where its people had settled in one town and scattered rural farms and fortresses. The Kilians, descendants of Core World Human settlers from before 1000 BBY, during one of the earlier periods of expansion in the Galactic Republic, had lost access to all Galactic-scale technology. Somehow lost by the wider Galactic society, Kilia IV had no contact with the Republic or its successor, the Galactic Empire.

Commoner Kilians lived at a medieval level of development, but the ruling nobles held on to a few remaining bits of their original science and machinery. Speeders and vibroweapons are unknown.

Noble houses of Kilia IV included House Fardor, House Tionc and House Wallon.

Behind the scenesEdit

The settlement of Kilia IV appears to have taken place during the Draggulch Period, when the Sith were in ascendancy. It is possible that the Republic lost contact with the colony, or that the colony ship went off course, as a result of this time of chaos.


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