The Killik-Imperial summit took place in 3641 BBY on Alderaan to establish a formal diplomatic relations between the Killiks and the Sith Empire. Arranged by a former Imperial Diplomatic Service member turned Oroboro Joiner Vector Hyllus, it represented the Imperial side with Falner Oeth from the Diplomatic Service and the hives with Hyllis and Daizanna of the Iesei. Falner Oeth attempted to sabotage the proceedings, setting off an explosion that killed Daizanna and using it to deliver a speech on the inferiority of Killiks. Nevertheless, Vector managed to persuade the Killiks to sign a Killik-Imperial treaty, opening the borders for trade and establishing protocols for military and diplomatic contact.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Killik-Imperial summit is mentioned in Star Wars: The Old Republic during Vector Hyllus companion storyline.


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