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The Killik Sith Lord lived long before the Galactic Civil War.


This Killik artisan lived on Alsakan, but was driven off sometime prior to 30,000 BBY, when the rest of the Killiks were relocated into the Unknown Regions by the Celestials. He fled to Sarafur, where he was buried in a treasure-filled crypt with a Sith holocron. Millennia later, Dark Jedi Jilst Bindalin brought the Alsakan Tessent to the Killik's tomb, following a Shistavanen legend of the Killik Sith Lord.

Behind the scenesEdit

This individual's possible involvement in the abortive Killik invasion of Korriban would explain his connection with the Sith.

The description of this Sith Lord contains a continuity error, in that he acts as an individual as opposed to part of a hive (although the concept was only created in the Dark Nest Trilogy, three years after the publishing of this issue of Gamer). It's possible that he may have been an outcast; exiled by his hive, specifically for being single-minded. Similar situations have been known to occur among the insectoid Bartokk.