Killik Twilight

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Killik Twilight
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Ob Khaddor

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Moss painting

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Killik Twilight was an Alderaanian moss painting by Ob Khaddor that depicted the Killiks either turning away from the oncoming destruction of their species or turning to meet it and face their conqueror. The painting also held a hidden Rebel Alliance Shadowcast keycode. It was on its way back to Alderaan, being borrowed for an art exhibit, while the planet was destroyed by the Death Star. The painting was one of the last of its kind and could not be replicated since it was made with moss that only grew on Alderaan.


In 8 ABY, the painting was stolen by Kitster Chanchani Banai during an auction on Tatooine. Later it passed through several hands, including the Solos, Squibs, Emala, Grees, and Sligh, eventually ending up with the Imperials from the Chimaera. Fortunately for the Rebellion, Han Solo and Leia Organa were able to recover the keycode first. Many years later, Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon (who had come into possession of the painting through Grand Admiral Thrawn) gave it to Han and Leia after the long war with the Yuuzhan Vong.

The painting also needed to be watered constantly or else the moss would dry up.



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