Kills was a female Human, who worked for Riboga the Hutt during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


When Riboga decided to retake control of crime in the Cularin system from Nirama, he sent Kills there, along with a group of thugs under her command, in preparation for his takeover. She made her first move by killing Teeloo, a Rodian pilot who worked for Nirama, in a restaurant on Cularin. She then left some of her thugs behind to try and take out the Heroes of Cularin, who were dining with Teeloo. Afterwards, she attempted to kill Nadin Paal, Nirama's second-in-command. She then traveled to Genarius, a gas planet located in the system, where she led an attack on Riboga's Barge and also met with Lalo, a former assassin of Riboga, to try and persuade her to serve the Hutt again.