Killun 71 was a moon which held Killun Station, an Imperial Security Bureau outpost.


Killun 71 was a moon in orbit around a larger, white planet.[2] The moon had a green appearance from space; this was due to an omnipresent layer of mist in its atmosphere. Its terrain was comprised of large, rocky protrusions[1] and jagged landmasses[3] that made colonization difficult.[1]


Although the moon's rocky masses made colonization efforts difficult, the Galactic Empire maintained an outpost on Killun 71 prior to the Galactic Civil War. Named Killun Station, the base was established and operated by the Imperial Security Bureau,[1] and contained sensitive data and orbital clearance codes that made it a target for the Spectres. Rebel agents C1-10P and AP-5 infiltrated Killun Station to recover codes for Lothal, although Chopper was compromised by Imperial Information Office controller LT-319.[2]

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