Kilmera Skale was a female criminal attempting to establish herself as a crime lord and reorganize the Shadow Collective into the Shadow Conclave at the height of the Galactic Civil War.


A Force-sensitive female, Kilmera Skale was a criminal who hoped to rebuild the Shadow Collective through loyalty to the Galactic Empire. To achieve this, Skale masqueraded as a Jedi Knight in order to ensnare Forceful individuals and present them to the Empire as signs of her service to their cause. When her agents brought a group of Forceful individuals to her underground complex, Skale dispatched them to infiltrate a regional crime lord's fortress and retrieve a datafile she claimed contained information on the hidden data vaults of the Jedi Order. In truth, the datafile was a remnant of the Order's catalog of identified Forceful children that had not been inducted into the ranks of the Jedi before the rise of the Empire. Hoping to use the list to track down more Jedi for the Empire, Skale's plan was foiled when the group retrieving the datafile happened upon a clandestine meeting between Skale and Imperial Security Bureau Special Agent Malor Phiatt. Skale captured the group of Force-sensitives and pitted them against her other prisoners in a cruel gladiatorial arena where they were meant to entertain the Imperial agents. Despite Skale's best efforts, the group of Forceful beings escaped her arena and planned to further destabilize Skale's efforts at establishing a Shadow Conclave.


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