Kilon was a Trandoshan who lived in the Cularin system during the waning years of the Galactic Republic, working for the organization of the Oblee crime lord Nirama. Kilon eventually left Nirama's organization and by the time of the Clone Wars had became a member of the Believers, a Sith cult that was active in the Cularin system.

Kilon was among a team of Believers that were dispatched to the Cularin system asteroid belt by Len Markus, to prevent the Heroes of Cularin from destroying three crystal shards that were funneling power to the Darkstaff, Sith artifact that was possessed by Markus.

Behind the scenesEdit

The composition of the group of Believers that appear in Recursion varies depending upon the role-playing tier of the player characters, and Kilon only appears if the players are in the upper tier.