Kin Laron was a female Human, who worked as an assassin during the time of the New Republic.


Laron flew the ship Hell's Axe and made herself a career as an assassin. By assuming the identity of "Shiaer Hifron," a trader who was also secretly her informant, Laron was able to keep her species and sex a secret, by meeting with clients posing as Hifron, who she pretended arranged deals for her.[1]

Laron used seduction and deceit to get close to her targets, so only took contracts to assassinate men. She would then kill her targets aboard their starships while they slept, using capsules of RX-8, a poisonous gas.[1]

During the time of the New Republic, Laron took four bounties from the crime lord Gornt Seron to kill some men, including one called Den Hardon. By 7 ABY, the New Republic had posted a bounty of 25,000 credits on Laron, although they had no idea as to her physical appearance and true identity.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Laron was first mentioned in the sourcebook Wanted by Cracken. She was later referenced in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, in the entries of Shiaer Hifron and Hell's Axe, where her name was misspelled as Kyr Laron.


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