Kinalos was a New Republic soldier who served during the Imperial Civil War. He fought in a squad with Sergeant Samels and Varshin.[1]

Prior to the Imperial Civil War, he lived in unit 2-C, an apartment in a residential building on Coruscant. He had at least two sons, a daughter named Henia, and a partner named Tanne.[1]

After the Second Battle of Coruscant in 10 ABY, the Galactic Empire successfully reclaimed its former capital, but quickly fell into sectarian infighting after disagreements over who would be proclaimed Galactic Emperor. Much of the planet was laid waste, including Kinalos' street. His family was killed and his home was looted and occupied by Imperial Stormtroopers.[1]

After the New Republic reclaimed Coruscant in the aftermath of Operation Shadow Hand, the Army was deployed to clear out remaining Imperial forces. Kinalos found himself in the ruined remains of his street. Armed with a BlasTech X-42 flamethrower and a pair of snub pistols, he cleared Stormtroopers from his ruined home, while reflecting that he would never return there.[1]

After clearing Stormtroopers from his old home, Kinalos burned the building. He later wrote about his experiences in The Year of Rage: A Citizen’s History of the Coruscant Wars.[1]

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