"I-I must go right away. Um, that is, honored one, I humbly beg your permission to-"
―Kindra Gann[src]

Kindra Gann was a female Human who lived during the Galactic War. She suffered from a rare form of Mizra Syndrome since birth, but was healed following a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Healing on Voss. As a payment for the treatment, Kindra chose to stay at the Shrine, serving the Voss Mystic Kina-Re. Her brother Devar Gann promised to inform her should their mother fall ill. That occasion came to pass in 3641 BBY, but when their mother was on her deathbed, Devar found that he had no way to contact his sister. Using diplomatic channels, he contacted a Republic privateer who was on Voss on his own business and promised payment in reward for delivering the information to Kindra at the Shrine. Upon receiving the news, Kindra asked Kina-Re to leave and departed with her permission.