The Kingdom of Argai was a kingdom that was established by the pirate Xer in about 25,200 BBY.


Xer made himself the lord of the planet Argai and from there, carved out himself a kingdom within the Kingdom of Cron. He captured Dravione and over the course of the next decade, expanded the kingdom to encompass Corlass and Panna. The Kingdom of Cron originally ignored Xer's activities, because it was more focused on it's own court intrigues. However, Xer eventually gained so much power that he could not be ignored. The King of Cron, Ferece, tried to persuade Xer to give an oath of fealty in return for some noble titles, but the pirate responded by attacking the Kingdom of Cron. He installed himself as the new king of Cron and the Kingdom of Argai was reincorporated back into the Kingdom of Cron.


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