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"If we do not reclaim the delving citadels we will never fulfill the Empire's demands. And this is my kingdom. You must–"
"All you must do is obey, Queen Trios."
―Queen Trios and Darth Vader[src]

The Kingdom of Shu-Torun was a state located on the planet Shu-Torun, a volcanic, resource-rich world located in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy.


During the Age of the Empire, the Galactic Empire controlled the planet and its people through the monarchy of Shu-Torun. While Shu-Torun as a whole was ruled by a monarch,[1] the planet was divided into multiple baronies,[3] each based around a delving citadel and administrated by members of the nobility—collectively known as the ore-dukes. Due to its wealth in minerals, the Shu-Torun ran a mining operation to extract their homeworld's ore in order to fill their quota as imposed by the Empire.[1]

Following the Battle of Yavin, the Empire increased its demand for ore to the point of causing dissatisfaction among the dukes and barons who exerted a degree of influence on the King of Shu-Torun. Facing pressure from the ore-dukes, the king conspired to assassinate Emperor Sheev Palpatine's emissary, the Sith Lord Darth Vader, but was killed by Vader's assassin droids instead. As a result, the crown passed to his sole-surviving heir, Princess Trios, whom Vader spared so that she may serve the Empire's interests as a vassal queen.[1]


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