A rain forest existed in the state of Kinkosa on the planet Kirtania. During the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Empire struck a deal with the rulers of Kinkosa to plunder the rain forest for valuable hardwoods.


The outer area of the rain forest was surrounded by a dense mass of blue green foliage, but once inside the perimeter there was little underbrush. The lower canopy was thirty meters above ground level, and the upper canopy could reach heights of eighty meters. The trees had wide supporting buttresses, and were covered in woody vines known as lianas. Exotic ferns, flowers, roots and fungi pervaded the rain forest, and it was home to multitudes of screechers, avians, croakers, slinkers, web weavers, winged floaters and insects. The ecosystem on the rain forest was one of the most complex known to the galaxy. However, the soil on which the rain forest grew was infertile; only the cycle of growth and decay from the trees kept the forest alive. Once an area had been stripped of trees and burnt to provide farmland, the soil would play out in two to five years, and only the infusion of chemical fertilizers made farming possible.[1]

During the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Empire and the state of Kinkosa entered into an agreement whereby the state would have favored trading terms in exchange for the Empire establishing a supply station. The Empire began to harvest the valuable hardwoods, and the cleared land was then given over for use as farming and grazing land. The Empire would then supply the Kinkosans with the chemical fertilizers needed to maintain a fertile land, indebting them to the Empire.[1]


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