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"This [Doriana] sounds about as slippery as a greased Dug, and twice as unfriendly."
Dubrak Qennto[src]

Kinman Doriana was a male Human who came from the Chommell sector world of Naboo and served as one of Palpatine's most trusted aides during both the Republic and Imperial eras. As such, he witnessed Palpatine's rise through the political hierarchy, first as Naboo ambassador and then senator of the Chommell sector, before finally achieving the rank of Supreme Chancellor. By the end of the Clone Wars, Doriana's friend—a Dark Lord of the Sith in secret—ultimately became the Emperor of the first Galactic Empire.


Early lifeEdit

Kinman Doriana was born on the planet Naboo in the Chommell sector of the galaxy. His troubled past enabled him to develop certain skills that were interpreted as useful by Darth Sidious, the young apprentice of the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis. Instructed by his Master to recruit potential allies and confidants, Sidious—through his dual identity as Naboo Ambassador Palpatine—befriended Doriana. By 55 BBY, he had served as a political aide to Palpatine for several years.[1]

Doriana accompanied Palpatine to Coruscant after the latter's appointment as Senator of Naboo and the Chommell sector worlds in 52 BBY. He quickly grew accustomed to his new life in Galactic City and also formed a friendship with Sate Pestage, another of Palpatine's closest allies who contracted Maladian assassins to kill Naboo's previous senator, Vidar Kim.[1] At the same time, Doriana began secretly serving Darth Sidious.[3] Unlike Pestage, Doriana did not know Palpatine's true identity, and in fact feared for what might happen were Palpatine to discover Doriana's "duplicity." Oddly, Doriana seemed to fear the seemingly mild-mannered Chancellor just as much as the openly capricious Sith Lord.[4] When Palpatine became one of Finis Valorum's advisors, Doriana may have had a relationship with Sei Taria. On Coruscant, he lived in an apartment on the 238th floor of the Third Ring Apartment Towers.[5]

Pre-Clone WarsEdit

Doriana introduces Thrawn to Palpatine

Doriana introduces Thrawn to Palpatine

In the years preceding the Clone Wars, Doriana, using the alias "Commander Stratis", was dispatched by Sidious as the head of a task force intended to intercept and destroy Outbound Flight. But his fifteen-ship armada itself was intercepted and destroyed by a Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet flotilla under the command of Thrawn. The silver-tongued Doriana convinced Thrawn of the threat the Jedi and colonists posed to the Chiss. Unbeknownst to Thrawn, however, when he destroyed Outbound Flight's weapon clusters, he killed off most of the Jedi that Jorus C'baoth had ordered there. Caught in anger, C'baoth fell to the dark side and held Thrawn in a Force choke. Doriana then saved Thrawn's life, but killed all but fifty-seven residents of Outbound Flight by redirecting Vulture droid starfighters from attacking a hostile Vaagari force toward Outbound Flight. Thrawn allowed Doriana to escape, and the advisor brought word of the Chiss's tactical brilliance to his master.[5]

Clone WarsEdit

Doriana was still in Palpatine's staff at the time the Clone Wars started; he dismissed Brookish Boon's claim that the Loyalist Committee was a "shadow government" as absurd, adding, "It's not much of a shadow government if someone as myopic as Mr. Boon can find it."[6] In month twelve of the Clone Wars, Doriana was dispatched by Palpatine to the planet Cartao, home of Spaarti Creations. A battle with forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems ensued, and most of the cloning cylinders were destroyed. Those that remained were sent in secret by Palpatine to Wayland and Byss.[4]


Admiral Voss Parck mentioned that Doriana had met an "untimely" death. Parck inferred that Doriana's demise left a gap that Palpatine tried to fill with three other people: Darth Vader, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Mara Jade. Parck further claimed that Doriana had been one of the major backstage architects of Palpatine's rise to power.[2]



Notes and referencesEdit

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