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The Kintan Gunrunners were a group of primarily Nikto weapons smugglers. They had a reputation for cruelty and murderous folly, and were known throughout Hutt Space and the Corporate Sector.

At one point, a group of the Kintan Gunrunners were hiding out in the wastes of the Moddell sector planet Sarafur, primarily the Krasho Salt Rifts. They were rivals of a band of Thonner pirates led by Korraj.

The red Nikto Tu'rsc'yulir was a lieutenant of the Kintan Gunrunners. Members of the organization were mainly of the Nikto subspecies, but also included other species well-suited to the desert environment of Sarafur, such as Weequays, Kamarians and Twi'leks. The Sanyassan "Plug-Eye" Maygo was a member of the group.

The Kintan Gunrunners operated a Predator-class gunship, a smaller Lantillian cruiser, and a quintet of Z-'ceptors in poor shape. They also possessed a number of Bantha-II cargo skiffs and the hulking Kintan strider Kar'sylic among their ranks.


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