Kirasha was a female Human, who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Kirasha was Force-sensitive and was raised in a foster home in the city Hedrett on the planet Cularin, where she was teased by the other children. At some point she murdered her foster family and left the home to become a follower of the Wyrd, a group of Tarasin dark side witches who lived on Cularin. During the time of the Clone Wars, the leader of the Wyrd sensed that the followers Dariana, the leader of the Tarasin Hiironi irstat, had lost a lot of power. Kirasha was sent to investigate what was causing the drain in their energies, and the Wyrd leader planned to exploit the phenomena, so as to cause Dariana's demise.

For four days, Kirasha searched Tarasin holy sites for any clues, but failed to learn anything and was brought close to despair. Eventually, she found some fresh tracks near to a remote Hiironi irstat ceremony circle, then began to meditate, to try and learn what had occurred there. However, while she meditated, the Jedi Master Darrus Jeht spotted her and approached the circle. Recognizing her as a member of the Wyrd, Jeht planned to kill her and approach her without her noticing him. However, he found himself unable to go through with the deed and could not just murder her, even though he believed that thousands of people could die if she learned about the plans of the Tarasin.

Through her meditation, Kirasha sensed a hidden chamber nearby, where Force-sensitive individuals were hiding, and also sensed the love of the people inside the cavern. She eventually noticed Jeht holding his lightsaber at her and asked him to kill her, so he told her that he couldn't. He then offered to take her to the cavern and give her a place there. She accepted, and began casting out the ways of the Wyrd from her mind, redeeming herself from the dark side of the Force.