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The Kiris Asteroid Cluster was a belt of asteroids that was nestled within the outer edges of the Corellian system. The asteroids within the belt were designated by number, with Kiris 3, Kiris 6, and Kiris 17, which marked the "upper" part of the asteroid cluster. The star Corell was visible beneath the belt. The belt was known to be in an obscure location, as even native Corellian and expert pilot Han Solo had to ask for its coordinates.


The top-secret Kiris shipyards, constructed on the orders of Thrackan Sal-Solo, were hidden within the belt under the assumption that the galaxy at large overlooked the asteroid cluster. By the time the first round of battles of the Second Galactic Civil War had run their course, the location had already been picked out by Galactic Federation of Free Alliances Defense Fleet flag officer Admiral Nek Bwua'tu. During the lead-up to the Battle of Hapes, teams of Jedi-piloted StealthXs maintained a continuous vigil over the facility, waiting for the Corellians to sally forth their secret fleet.



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