"I'm no leader. I just pay attention. I know things. Like the fact that the Rebel Alliance is our greatest hope. If we want to stop another Alderaan."
―Kiro Chen to Princess Leia Organa[src]

Kiro Chen was a Human male from Alderaan. In 0 BBY, Alderaan was destroyed by the Galactic Empire's first Death Star, sending Chen, as well as thousands of Alderaanian refugees to Alderaan's sister planet Delaya. Chen then approached General Carlist Rieekan as a representative of a group of Alderaanian survivors willing to join the Rebel Alliance. When Princess Leia Organa visited Delaya to help the refugees, Chen was introduced to her by Rieekan as someone who's been a great help to the Rebellion. What the rebel leaders did not know was that Chen was secretly a member of an Alderaanian faction that despised Organa for getting Alderaan involved in the war, and subsequently destroyed.

Chen was instrumental in abducting Organa before her meeting with the other representatives of various Alderaanian survivor groups that wanted to join the Rebel Alliance. Halle Dray, Chen's lover and one of the leaders of the faction, contacted the Empire and planned to turn Organa over to them in exchange for a new planet the Alderaanians could settle on. However, the Imperials reneged on the deal and took Organa after killing her abductors. Chen was the only one who survived when Organa did not divulged his hiding place to her new captors. Later on he informed Organa's companions, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Ferus Olin, that Delaya's Deputy Minister Var Lyonn was secretly collaborating with the Imperials and knew where Organa was taken. After her rescue, Organa forgave Chen and invited him to join the Rebel Alliance; an offer Chen declined. He explained that with the recent deaths of Dray and J'er Nahj, the Alderaanian survivors on Delaya would need a leader to look up to and he planned on filling in that role.