"I let everyone on our planet down! I'm going to make up for it!"
―Kiros Zorad[src]

Kiros Zorad was a Human male ex-smuggler from Arda-3 and worked for Mag Doum. Kiros then turned on Doum after an argument and killed himself with Doum when Kiros crashed Doum's ship into a Star Destroyer.


In 1 ABY, Kiros lived with his son, Zon on Arda-2, but by heavy debts, he was indebted to Mag Doum, who secretly sold T-6 Diodems to Darth Vader. When Luke and Leia came to uncover a mystery, Kiros and his son were ordered by Doum to kidnap Leia and her from visiting Tun Wala. The Zorads were able to kidnap her, but Luke sees a speeder and gives chase. Kiros had dropped Zon and Leia off at the Catacombs of Colla Di, then led Luke to the Great Torgur Falls, away from the Catacombs.

Later, Kiros loses his ship behind the falls and Luke saves him—Kiros then takes Luke to the Catacombs where they find evidence that Zon and Leia were attacked by a Kdak. After his son was thought to be dead, Kiros helps Luke to reveal who the spy was. Mag Doum realizes he has been discovered and heads into the factory to reach his ship. Kiros figured out where Mag is heading and hurries to hide aboard Mag's ship. Mag blasts off from Arda-2 and contacts Darth Vader. Kiros was able to push aside Mag and send a message to Arda-2 warning of Vader's impending attack. Still convinced that his son was dead, he immediately sets Mag's ship to a collision course with the bridge of the Imperial Star Destroyer. After his death, his son tried to contact him, but was already shot down by TIE/LN starfighters during the ensuing battle.



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