Kisa Shaki was the boss of the Swift Hutt Spacer's Service Depot in Mos Eisley on Tatooine.


Kisa Shaki, a former employee of Jabba the Hutt, killed the pit boss of the Depot as soon as she confirmed the death of the crime lord, taking over the business. She and six other thugs then attempted to seize a portion of Jabba's smuggling business, but found themselves faced with formidable competition in the person of Qes Dollis, the manager of the Sandstorm Shipping Concern.

The gang war that resulted drew the attention of the local Alliance cell and Rebel agents attempted to resolve the situation. However, Kisa was confident in her abilities and merely threatened or attempted to suborn the operatives.


Kisa was deeply ambitious, making it clear to the Rebels that she did not aim simply for a portion of the smuggling pie, but also fancied herself a future Warlord in the mold of Xim the Despot.

Behind the scenesEdit

As with her rival, Kisa failed to gain control of Mos Eisley smuggling. Secrets of Tatooine reports that most of the smugglers ended up affiliated with Talon Karrde.